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6 tips from Bujnie for indoor plant care in winter.

Winter plant care.

Winter is a time when our houseplants need special care. Shorter days, reduced sunlight, and dry air from heating create challenges for home gardening enthusiasts. This guide contains proven tips to help you care for your plants in winter, keeping them in good condition and ensuring the best conditions for growth.

1. Light and location of your plants in the winter season:

Houseplants suffer from a lack of natural light in winter. Therefore, ensuring they get the right exposure is key:

  • Maximize light access: Place plants where they can receive as much daylight as possible. South-facing windows are most desirable. Standing plant stands are helpful in this case as they are easy to move around the room with the plants, e.g., Neo, Milo, Tillo, and Flo.
  • Avoid cold from windows: Although proximity to a window provides more light, it can also be colder. Move plants away from the window at night or on cold days.
  • Leaf cleanliness: Regularly wiping leaves from dust increases their ability to absorb light.
  • Artificial lighting: Plant lamps are an excellent option for plants that require more light.
Plant stand Neo Margo Hupert fot. Margo Hupert

2. Temperature and Heating best for your plants in winter:

Winter indoor temperatures can be challenging for plants::

  • Avoid sudden changes: Sudden temperature changes, which can occur near heaters, can harm plants.
  • Stable temperature: The ideal temperature for most houseplants is around 18-24°C (64-75°F) during the day and slightly cooler at night.
Plant hanger Nabu proj. Na Antresoli

3. Watering plants in winter season.

Watering plants in winter is different from the warmer months:

  1. Less water: Plants need less water as their growth slows down.
  2. Soil moisture control: Check the soil moisture before watering. Avoid overwatering the plants.
  3. Proper pots: Pots with drainage holes are crucial to prevent water stagnation. When using ceramic covers, pour expanded clay at the bottom and only then place the plant in the cover. This will protect the roots from standing in water and rotting in the event of overwatering.
Plant stand Flo
Plant stand Milo

4. Humidity is significant in the winter season.

Central heating significantly reduces air humidity, which can harm plants:

  1. Humidifiers: Maintain the right level of humidity.
  2. Wet gravel: Trays with wet gravel help maintain humidity around plants.
  3. Misting: Regularly misting leaves helps some plants maintain proper humidity.
Plant hanger Orio

5. Fertilization and pruning during the winter season.

Winter is not the time for intense fertilization and pruning:

  1. Limit Fertilization: Most plants enter a resting period, so they don’t need additional nutrients.
  2. Careful Pruning: Remove only dead and diseased parts of the plants.
Plant hanger Luno with Epipremnum fot. Marek Swoboda
Plant stands Neo and plant hanger Luno.

6. Additional tips

  1. Rotate plants: Regularly rotating plants towards the light helps them grow evenly.
  2. Monitor plant condition: Regularly checking the condition of plants allows for a quick response to potential problems.
  3. Individual needs: Each plant has different requirements, so always adjust care to the specific species.
Plant hanger Floos

Winter doesn’t have to be a difficult period for your houseplants. Proper care, adjusted to changing conditions, will ensure their health and beautiful appearance. Regular observations, adequate watering, appropriate temperature, and humidity are key elements that will help your plants survive the winter. Remember, each plant is different and requires an individual approach. Winter plant care is also a great opportunity to spend close contact with nature, which can be especially valuable in cold winter days. Enjoy the beauty of your plants and observe how they add life and color to your home.

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