About us!

Bujnie is a design studio and manufacture specialized in plant/flora design.

The main features of our designs are a minimalistic, clean form and detailed handmade.

Focusing on the plants our goal is to expose their unique beauty. Both functionality and design are equally important to us. Our creations are designed to be a tasteful decoration of every interior.

We would like to make it easier to everyone putting and organizing plants in homes, offices and urban spaces. In our work, we follow the principles of biophilic design. We always put a human in the center and his need to commune with nature.

Our mission

Bring green fellows to our homes, office spaces and restore nature in the right place of our everyday life.

According to the research in the 1950s, 30% of the world’s population lived in the cities. In 2016 the number has grown to 54%. The scientist predicts that in 2050 nearly ⅔  of world population will be living in urban areas. Spending nearly 90% of our life time indoors we lose basic contact with nature which just decades ago it was integral parts of our lives.

Make your own home/ office jungle and life bujnie!