About us

Bujnie is a design studio and manufacture specializing in plant design.

Pure form and precise, hand-made are the hallmarks of our projects. We create all products in a way that allows you to focus on the plant and expose its natural beauty. In addition to functional features, aesthetics is very important to us. We want Bujnie furnishings to be an elegant, graphic decoration for any interior. Regardless of whether it is a home, office, restaurant or hotel.

In addition to the permanent offer, we also carry out individual projects. We are able to create anything out of steel, that’s why we realize even the boldest visions of architects!

Our mission

We have had one mission since the very beginning – to restore nature to its proper place in our everyday lives. In homes, apartments, offices and cities!

According to research, 30% of the world’s population lived in the city in the 1950s. In 2016, 54% already. If you believe the forecasts, in 2050, nearly 2⁄3 people on Earth will live in cities. Spending nearly 90% of our lives indoors, we lose contact with nature, which was an integral part of our lives a few dozen years ago.

Biophilic design

We created Bujnie to introduce plants into the space of houses, offices, service outlets and cities. Every day we help in organizing greenery, creating aesthetic and functional solutions.

We design in accordance with the biophilic design philosophy. This means that we always put man and his need to commune with nature on a daily basis at the center of our work.

We believe that the minimalist and timeless design encourages the introduction of greenery to the interior and helps in its aesthetic organization.


Creating Bujnie from the beginning, we knew that we want to have full control over the production process. That is why we created a workshop where, together with local craftsmen, we implement all lush projects.

Our products are made from beginning to end in Poland in Silesia.