Conditions of Use

Use condition

Plant stand  are made of drawn steel, 6mm thick and tubes.  Accurate and meticulous welding technique allows us to obtain extremely durable structures with almost no noticeable joints.

Powder painting to which our racks are subjected is the most modern and at the same time the most ecological way of painting metal elements. Does not release any solvents or thinners into the environment. Additionally, it creates an excellent anti-corrosive coating.

Thanks to the technologies used, Bujnie stands are resistant to surface scratches and mechanical damage as well as atmospheric factors. The coating provides full corrosion protection, which is why our metal flower stands are also great for barbecues or garden parties.

Stands do not require maintenance, only remember to respect the weight limits, which you will find in the product description attached to the rack, or on our product page – www.bujnie.pl/produkty