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Spring is coming!

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Spring is coming!

Get ready!

Spring is coming!

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BUJNIE is a lifestyle full of life

Bring nature into your home or office with our stylish planters and functional furniture, creating
a joyful and green atmosphere.

Designer plant stands and furniture for plants from Bujnie

Bujnie is a brand that has gained international recognition as a design studio and manufacturer specializing in plant design. Bujnie in Polish means lush- lots of greenery like in the jungle. Our products, such as hanging plant stands and loft plant stands, are characterized by a clean form and precise, manual workmanship. Since 2016, we have been designing and producing plant holders and furniture in a Silesian manufactory that, by highlighting the beauty of plants placed in them, brings life to interiors. Plant stands from BUJNIE green interiors all over the world, from distant Korea and Australia through Europe to the USA.

Biophilic design, a harmonious combination of nature and design

It draws heavily on the philosophy of biophilic design, which assumes that people need contact with nature on a daily basis. That is why our mission is to bring nature back to our homes. offices, service points, and cities. We believe that plant stands, plant racks, and other elements of greenery in spaces where we spend most of our lives have a positive impact on our well-being, health and creativity. Thanks to our projects, such as wall plant hangers, standing flower beds and furniture for plants, we inspire people to introduce greenery into interiors. Our projects not only have a practical function, helping to organize plants but also constitute an elegant decoration, matching various types of interiors – homes, offices, restaurants or hotels.

Aesthetics and functionality in one

Both aesthetic and functional aspects are extremely important in our projects. We strive for a harmonious combination of these two elements, creating plant stands and wall plant hangers that not only please the eye, but are also practical to use. We make all our products, such as metal flower stands and flower stands for the living room, with the utmost care, using high-quality steel to ensure durability and reliability. Our furniture and accessories for greenery are designed to display plants in an effective way and at the same time provide them with the right space for growth and development.


When we were creating the Bujnie brand, we had one clear conviction from the very beginning – we wanted to have full control over the production process. That is why we decided to establish close cooperation with local Silesian craftsmen to implement all our Bujnie projects together. Thanks to this, we can not only maintain the high quality of our products, but also control every stage of production, taking care of the smallest details. Durability and quality of workmanship are the hallmarks of our flowerbeds and furniture. We believe that thanks to this, they will survive for generations, still gaining in value.

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